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Outplacement Solutions for International Mobility

Here you are!

Your company is moving on the international market, navigating through managerial mobility and talent transitions.

Questions arise…


  • Possible Unit Closure or Relocation: Is your team facing closure or relocation? Are you looking for services to assist employees to new opportunities abroad?
  • Career Changes and International Transition: Are members of your team considering career changes or transitions to new industries on an international scale? Do you want to set up support and guidance through professional coaching services?
  • Global Mobility: Reintegration or Integration? Are employees returning from international assignments or moving on to new ones? Can professional coaching services facilitate their reintegration back home or into a new country?
  • Leadership Changes and Executive Transition: Are changes happening at the leadership level, especially at the executive level? Are you considering professional coaching services to support executives in transitioning to new roles?
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Ready to address your company’s international transition challenges? TPTalks offers a confidential approach, ensuring smooth talent integration on the global stage. Trust us to guide your employees to new employment swiftly, allowing you to focus on advancing your business with confidence.

Let's discuss your project to create a tailored program to your needs.

Outplacement: TP Talks Offer

As expert in international HR consulting, we position ourselves as the ideal partner to facilitate the mobility of your employees, whether internally, externally or globally. In English or in French.

To meet today’s job market demands and repositioning needs, we offer two formulas, “Individual” and “Collective”. Both are based on 50 hours but can be adjusted for more hours (estimate provided upon request).

Our modular approach adjusts to all company situations, regardless of size, industry, and decisions.

With careful consideration, personalized programs, and guaranteed confidentiality, choose the option that best suits your company’s needs.

Discover our International Mobility Outplacement offer and choose what suits your company best.






Learn More About our International Career Coaching Program


Why choose TP Talks for International Mobility?

  • Expertise in International Recruitment: Leverage our extensive knowledge in international recruitment and Human Resources across the United States, France, and Europe. We know how recruitment works, the program encompasses everything from career path definition, CV crafting, bilingual cover letter, LinkedIn profile creation, interview preparation and follow up.
  • NetworkingStart where you are with what you have,  and learn from an international recruiter’s insights on how to build and maintain your global network confidently. Discover simple yet effective methods for making connections through LinkedIn, conducting informative  interviews, and keeping in touch with contacts over the long term to support your career growth.
  • Multicultural and Multilingual: Our unique perspective enables seamless navigation in multicultural and multilingual environments, helping to identify potential pitfalls.
  • Knowledge Sharing and Tailored Strategies: we collaborate on customized strategies for international careers, considering each employee’s unique aspirations and skills. With an eye on the current market, we aim to shorten the path to the next professional opportunity.
  • Timeless Career Insights Globally Applicable:  We assist employees beyond job placement by acquiring the necessary skills for a successful career. It’s about constructing an agile mindset in a dynamic, global environment.
  • Human & Technology Synergy: We embrace advanced technology while preserving essential human interaction.
  • Simple Employer Experience: We take a hands-off approach for the employer, providing updates and reports while you focus on running your business.
  • Transparency: If we believe we aren’t the right fit for your needs, we’ll communicate openly and guide you in the right direction.
About TP Talks
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48-Hour Response


Budget Management

Proven Results

Adapted to your company’s situation, whether as part of a French Social Plan (PSE), individual or group dismissal, TPTalks shares your “win-win” perspective:


  • We preserve the interests of your employees, transforming their professional mobility into an opportunity through support with complete confidentiality.
  • As an HR service, you benefit from the decisive support of our professional reassignment experts at every crucial step of the process.

Our International Outplacement Program is centered on 5 key steps, ensuring the effectiveness of our approach.


Meeting with management and relevant teams


Individual and confidential interview with your employee


Career orientation and opportunities assessment


Presentation of relevant job offers or professional training

Assessment and Follow-Up

Summary of outplacement support and consolidation of achievements

What my clients say!

Stéphane Clavel

Stéphane Clavel –  Directeur  – ENVOLL Conseil et Formation

Tanya intervient pour Envoll en tant que Consultante/Formatrice. Elle anime, pour les Entreprises à l’international, les formations en Management et RH 👍 nous sommes ravis de ce partenariat 🙂

Laetitia SCIACCA

Laetitia SCIACCA – Créatrice d’opportunités – Université de Strasbourg

Tanya est intervenue à plusieurs reprises (prise de parole en public, projet professionnel à l’étranger) pour le Réseau Alumni de l’Université de Strasbourg auprès de notre public diplômé mais également étudiant. Elle a relevé le challenge consistant à capter son auditoire ou en les informant efficacement, ce qui n’est pas chose aisée avec des étudiants et en ligne !
Par ailleurs, elle est toujours disponible et de bons conseils, c’est très agréable de travailler ensemble.
Pour la résumer en 3 mots : claire, concise et expérimentée !

Photo Bertrand Benoit

Bertrand Benoit – R&D Engineer, Al

Tanya is very professional, dynamic, and friendly. Her great language skills and her eagerness to embrace the world to the fullest, make her a very rewarding cosmopolitan person. I had the chance to benefit from her recruiter, career coaching skills, and knowledge to enhance my job-seeking strategies and make my résumé more marketable.

Furthermore, she is a good listener, and very enthusiastic.

Photo Sai Tejaswi Karri

Sai Tejaswi Karri – Mechanical Engineer & – Project Manager

I had requested Tanya to have a conversation with me (and if she could give me some insights because I was being clueless in my job search and I was looking for jobs in the French Market only to which she happily accepted and gave me an appointment. I am happy that I had that conversation with her, because it did open my eyes to various possibilities, using the lips she gave me for nelworking I could land up with an interview in hand. She has very good knowledge of the French job market and is aware of the requirements of French recruiters in general, which proved very useful for me. By sharing some of her experiences, she gave me some wonderful ideas for which I shall remain thankful forever.

Fatima Zahrae CHAYAT

Fatima Zahrae CHAYAT – WCNA Regional HR & Organizational Development Advisor

Tanya is a great coach I have had the chance to work with during an important period of my life. Her skills, know-how, and personal traits allow me to understand my situation belter and find the right steps to follow in order to achieve my goal at the time. I highly recommend her services.

Omaid Zazai

Omaid Zazai – Digital Marketing

If you are looking for a coach who is experienced, intelligent, dynamic and above all a very good listener then I would recommend “Tanya”. She is a real ROl (Return on Investment) person.


Pierre Fresse – After Sales Regional – Manager Middle & Asia

J’avais l’objectif d’améliorer mes méthodes de travail et de communication dans mon poste actuel. Tanya a très rapidement cerné mon besoin et mes attentes. Grâce à son expertise, Tanya a su me faire remettre en question des certitudes et habitudes. Cela m’a permis de revoir mon organisation de travail au travers des différents exercices proposés durant ces quelques mois.

Le climat de confiance instauré a permis faire un travail de fond qui me permet aujourd’hui de gérer beaucoup plus de sujets en parallèle sans stress el en pleine conscience de mes capacités à les traiter.

Tout cel accompagnement s’est déroulé en anglais ce qui a permis de renforcer ma confiance dans le fait de travailler et négocier dans une langue étrangère.

TP TALK Temoignage Martine Meinhold

Martine MEINHOLD – Founder Management Mobility Consulting

I have known Tanya for over 5 years. She has a very thorough knowledge of the job markets (trends, networks, opportunities) and has proven to be very creative, resourceful and trustworthy in providing service in the international arena.

She successfully assisted me in recruitment when expanding services in the Lorraine area as well as mobility support with expats when needed. Her skills as a recruiter and trainer are remarkable. Therefore, I’d highly recommend her for any future assignments in these skills.

Isabelle Spannagel Consultante RH & Coach certifié

Isabelle Spannagel – Consultante RH & Coach certifié

She helped me during one of my career transition. She is a strong expert of the job market, is very enthusiastic, passionate and generous in her guidance.

Her skills as a recruiter and trainer are remarkable. Therefore, I’d highly recommend her for any future assignments in these skills. Do not hesitate to contact her!


L.P. – Data Engineer

I highly recommend Tanya for her exceptional assistance in improving my English resume, LinkedIn profile, and networking skills. When I first began my job search in Boston, I relied on traditional methods like using a standard resume and cover letter in French fashion, which I essentially copied and translated from my LinkedIn profile. This approach proved ineffective. However, Tanya’s guidance in networking and engaging in meaningful conversations significantly advanced my job search efforts.


E.G. Responsable Développement RH

Je venais de prendre récemment un nouveau poste et le démarrage a été difficile car j’ai dû m’adapter à une culture d’entreprise assez particulière et à des méthodes de travail un peu archaïques auxquelles je ne m’attendais pas. Pendant les 8 premiers mois de ma prise de poste, je n’avais qu’une envie c’était quitter cette entreprise et trouver un autre poste. Ce travail de coaching m’a permis de prendre du recul sur ma façon de fonctionner dans le cadre professionnel et privé et sur mes attentes; De prendre conscience des comportements qui pouvaient me fragiliser et de mettre en place un début de plan d’actions.  Merci Tania ton accompagnement m’aura permis de me poser les bonnes questions