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Ras-le-bol du réseautage en anglais ? Pas de soucis ! Nous pouvons résoudre ça !

Je prends RDV

Ce que mes clients disent de mon travail !

Photo Sai Tejaswi Karri

Sai Tejaswi Karri – Mechanical Engineer

I had requested Tanya to have a conversation with me (and if she could give me some insights because I was being clueless in my job search and I was looking for jobs in the French Market only) to which she happily accepted and gave me an appointment. I am happy that I had that conversation with her because it did open my eyes to various possibilities, using the tips she gave me for networking I could land up with an interview in hand. She has very good knowledge of the French job market and is aware of the requirements of French recruiters in general, which proved very useful for me. By sharing some of her experiences, she gave me some wonderful ideas for which I shall remain thankful forever.

Photo Martina Meinhold copie

Martina Meinhold – CEO Management Mobility Consulting

I have known Tanya for over 5 years. She has a very thorough knowledge of the job markets (trends, networks, opportunities) and has proven to be very creative, resourceful, and trustworthy in providing service in the international arena.
She successfully assisted me in recruitment when expanding services in the Lorraine area as well as mobility support with expats when needed. Her skills as a recruiter and trainer are remarkable. Therefore, I’d highly recommend her for any future assignments in these skills.

Photo Francoise Briot

Françoise Briot – Animatrice HSE

Le coaching avec Tanya m’a orienté vers d’autres horizons professionnels plus en adéquation avec mes compétences et mes aspirations.  Son écoute et sa bienveillance ont été déterminantes afin de m’engager dans une autre activité professionnelle.  Sortir de la routine, croire en soi et en ses capacités, oser… tel a été mon challenge.

Photo Bertrand Benoit

Bertrand Benoit – AI R&D Engineer

Tanya is very professional, dynamic, and friendly. Her great language skills and her eagerness to embrace the world to the fullest, make her a very rewarding cosmopolitan person. I had the chance to benefit from her recruiter, career coaching skills and knowledge to enhance my job seeking strategies and make my résumé more marketable. Furthermore, she is a good listener, and very enthusiastic. I strongly and unreservedly advocate Tanya.

Laetitia SCIACCA

Laetitia SCIACCA – Créatrice d’opportunités – Université de Strasbourg

Tanya est intervenue à plusieurs reprises (prise de parole en public, projet professionnel à l’étranger) pour le Réseau Alumni de l’Université de Strasbourg auprès de notre public diplômé mais également étudiant. Elle a relevé le challenge consistant à capter son auditoire ou en les informant efficacement, ce qui n’est pas chose aisée avec des étudiants et en ligne !
Par ailleurs, elle est toujours disponible et de bons conseils, c’est très agréable de travailler ensemble.
Pour la résumer en 3 mots : claire, concise et expérimentée !

Fatima Zahrae CHAYAT

Fatima Zahrae CHAYAT – WCNA Regional HR & Organizational Development Advisor

Tanya is a great coach I have had the chance to work with during an important period of my life. Her skills, know-how, and personal traits allow me to understand my situation better and find the right steps to follow in order to achieve my goal at the time. I highly recommend her services.